I once read that some physicists think that all of time occurs simultaneously and that linear time is only an artificial construct of the human brain to make sense of it all. I have thought about this a lot, and have come to the conclusion that if this is true one should be able to go to a place of one’s youth and send messages back in time to ones younger self. I suppose you could also send messages back to other people that you knew in the past as well. Armed with this knowledge, I returned to UC Santa Cruz today on a mission to meet up with my younger self. I found him in his favorite spot, on the central meadow by the tree line overlooking Monterey Bay. He went there to meditate every day for three years, three months, and three days. He looked kind of sad and lonely as usual. I told him not to be discouraged if Stephanie does not show up. That he will eventually marry an Asian girl and have two great sons. I told him to keep studying computer stuff, and that it will eventually pay off. That his life will not all be terrible and that he will have good times as well as bad. I told him to try to respect other people, and to watch out for that left turn incident. I think he understood as he looked at me and kind of nodded. He has a tough row to hoe, but I know he will make it ok.

Below are some pics from my trip. The campus is still breathtakingly beautiful even in this terrible drought.


The view from the knoll at Stevenson. I used to juggle a lot there.


Stevenson lower quad.


Dorm 5, ah yes, I remember it well.


The Stevenson library.


The stacks.


My favorite spot.


The flying IUD. Where I first told Dave of the concept of Simultaneity during the ‘End of the World’ party.


Stevenson lower quad. Paradise found.

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One Response to Simultaneity

  1. 小魚 (Little fish) says:

    Very vivid description. I see a lonely young man who was lost, and an old wise guy who come back to his life to lead him out of fear.

    Yes, he will make it ok.

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