What happens when we die? Does our soul, our consciousness live on after the body dies? Are we reincarnated? Do we go to heaven? I believe that the answer to these questions is yes. When the body dies, the consciousness does live on. One will be reincarnated, but not in the form you might think. When the body dies, the consciousness divides. One part may be reincarnated with another part of someone else over here, and another part may combine with yet another over there. You will be reincarnated, but you will not be you as you know yourself. This process will continue again and again until your consciousness is spread about the world around you. You will be part of many, many living things. As the consciousness dissolves into the fabric of space time in this way, this is what you may know of as heaven.

Heaven is not separate from us, it is actually all around us. Heaven is a feeling of contentedness, of being a part of everything. You can think of your consciousness as a bag of gravel, some big rocks, some little rocks all jumbled together. The rocks represent parts of others who have come before you and are now a part of you. There is even some sand in there. These people are really old. In this way, you can see that even if you have experienced the loss of a loved one, they are not truly removed from you. They are still with us in spirit and you can still feel their love and give your love in return.

One way to think of this is that as the body goes, so goes the consciousness. As the body decays into the earth and is recycled into new life, so the soul goes through the same transformation. And remember, there are those among us that have been here a very, very long time.

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One Response to Afterlife

  1. What does afterlife tell us? Save this earth, it is for the future us. Generate the positive energy, it is for the future us.

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