Musings on Nonsense

“My God, all is lost!”, cried a young soul.
“No”, I said. “Trust in yourself. I am not lost, I am where I am.”
“But there is no network. No safety net.”
“It matters not.”, I said. “I make my own way in the world.”
“You are not concerned? Not wary?”
“No for I am what is as long as I am.”
“Do you fear death?”
“No, it is not my time.”
“But how do you know such things?”
“I know because I know.”
“What will you do next?”
“I will face my destiny as it should be.”
“Will you need great courage for such?”
“No, it is not a great task at hand. My courage is enough as is my strength.”
“Where find you this courage?”
“Courage comes from loving. Strength from being loved.”*
“But how do you know you are loved?”
“I exist because I am strong. I am strong because I am loved.”
“As you face your destiny, what will be your fate?”
“My fate will be what it will be.”
“Do you fear your fate?”
“Fear not the joy of life. Cast aside doubt and step into the void.”
“What is this void you speak of?”
“Life itself.”

* Laozi

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