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All quiet today Sat alone for a long time Need to find a friend Advertisements

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Here and Now

We all need to be Mindful of every moment Each now a treasure

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The Old Path

I tread the old path Grass and dirt under my boots God smiles on my choice

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Scene from the Hammock

They say one should live in the moment. Be mindful of the now. I completely agree. This is my current momentĀ (Thursday, September 18, 2014, 10:50 AM Pacific Time). Most people at my location are working at this moment. I lie … Continue reading

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Make art for arts sake Fear not others rejection Feel love of oneself

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Shine Crux on far shores Whence the sea Aves return I wish to be known

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Sometimes I Wish I Had A Daughter

I have been taking some classes lately. During the break they let us play around in the recess grounds. One day IĀ noticed a girl playing basketball, and challenged her to a game of horse. She was about the same age … Continue reading

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