Sometimes I Wish I Had A Daughter

I have been taking some classes lately. During the break they let us play around in the recess grounds. One day I noticed a girl playing basketball, and challenged her to a game of horse. She was about the same age as my two sons. I got off to a good start giving her two or three letters (h, o, …). She said she was studying philosophy in college. I told her I had taken an introductory class in philosophy when I was in college and rattled off a few names (Sartre, Descartes) struggling with the French pronunciation to try to sound intelligent. She asked me something like what did I think was good philosophy, and I said, ‘I exist therefore I am’, intentionally misquoting Descartes as a joke. She said, ‘that does not say anything’, and I told her that this is the hallmark of all great philosophy :). At this point she started beating me soundly in the game of horse (I am terrible at basketball). I told her that she was great fun to be with (which I really meant btw), and she said she was tired of playing and so we ended the game and returned to class. Sometimes I wish I had a daughter.

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