Scene from the Hammock

They say one should live in the moment. Be mindful of the now. I completely agree. This is my current moment (Thursday, September 18, 2014, 10:50 AM Pacific Time). Most people at my location are working at this moment.

I lie in my hammock, sipping a Starbucks double tall latte. Yes – Fragile is playing on my iPad. My dog is lazing around the garden.  The neighbor’s chickens are softly clucking. A warm gentle breeze is blowing in rain clouds over the coastal mountains to the West of me. Some bees and an occasional humming bird are gathering nectar from the flowers in my garden. I lie lengthwise in my hammock. For Mayan hammocks you can lie crosswise to the hammock if you really want to stretch out, but I often just lie lengthwise so I can sit more upright and look out over the garden.

Bliss, this is the perfect moment. I am happy and content. I do not think of work. I do not think of events in the past that trouble me. I do not think of the fact that I will soon run out of money in the near future. I do not think of my current troubles. I fear not the joy of life. This is my moment.

I lie comfortable and secure in my hammock like a child in the womb, my body at rest, my limbs relaxed. The coffee tastes good. The music sounds nice. The view is pleasing. The rain clouds smell wonderful on the gentle breeze.

This is how I choose to live my life. One moment at a time. Each moment optimized to my well being: pleasant, satisfying. Moments like this should not be taken for granted. They need to be savored, loved, and cherished. Create them for yourself as an artist paints on canvas, and your life will be good.

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