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A lone ǃKung stands watching
As a leopard hunts in deep dusk
Tonight there is a kill
An impala a bit too slow
Held strongly by the throat
And dragged towards a tree
The stars appear in the clear sky
And the man smiles
Tonight there will be stories to tell
As the young play with the fire

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Though I travel far
This journey starts with a step
Into Africa

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It’s nice to have friends
Like those who know right from wrong
I am thankful

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Πνεύμα δεύτερο μέρος

Betrayed thrice over
Upon the fourth my loss cut
But the ghost and I

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Child of the noble one
Of thee I must a sonnet write
For your beauty shines as the sun
And I partake in second sight.
Sadly you know me not
But through forlorn letters ne’er sent
Yet there is much I could have taught
Your fleeting youth has all been spent.
Of lost memories I can tell
Tales of war, battle, and blood
Sit with me, stay a spell
As I let loose a mighty flood.
I hold in hand a morning dove
A symbol of peace, friendship, and love.

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Nudge Theory

Keen insightful cues
From the far side of the globe
Guide me back to you

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